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Magnetic Lock For Auto Door

Magnetic Lock For Auto Door

CHARACTER Special design for access control automatic door and we also offer special install fixed frame for guide rail bracket Small but convenient to install. Comply with automatic door freely

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213F  Magnetic lock for auto door

11 years experiences, 1 year warranty and all life technology support

OEM support




With access control system,It can be installed to any Automatic doors;




Power supply:12DC/(Or 24VD)

Operation current:12/170mA 24V

Pulling force:70Kg(150Lbs) direct force

Surface finish:Chromium Plating treatment





Dimension:50*30mm(Lock body)



Six reasons to choose us

1, Superior Quality
2, Strong R & D Ability
3, Competitive Price
4, Certifications
5, One-stop Manufacturing Services
6, Customer-focused Strategy



1.Q:How to get samples?      

   A:If you need to order sample, please kindly arrange sample payment.

 if you have an courier account, we will delivery directly using your courier account.

If not, then we will use our forwarder.


2.Q:How much is the freight cost? 

    A: It depends on the quantity, weight, carton size and your area.

3.Q:How can i get your price list? 
    A:Please leave your contact way such as Email/MSN/Skype/Tradmanager to us.

we will contact to you, and pass our quoation sheet to you asap

4.Q:Can we have our logo or company name to be printed

on your products or the package?  
    A:Yes,you can. welcome to print your logo/company on product or packaging.

MOQ for logo/company imprint is 1000pcs. for packaging is 1000pcs.


5.Q: What's your usual payment term for orders?   
    A:We accept terms of T/T /Westunion/Paypal

6.Q: What's the warranty time?
    A:1 year warranty.


7.Q: What is the service after the warranty time?
    A:All life technology support. But for the replacement or repair, they are not free.


8.Q: What kind of Logistics do you use?

    A: We use  transportation: such as DHL, UPS, TNT etc,

and we have our own well co-operated logistics, so we can deliver your goods in priority. 


Latest news:

The magnetic lock without any mechanical lock structure, complete with its powerful "force" to hold the door locked to. In the pathway of frequent must be "access control", the electromagnetic lock is the most durable, safe and strong lock!

An electrical lock is an electronic control lock that extends or retracts the "lock tongue" through a current opening and breaking to achieve the function of locking the door or opening the door. Usually, the electric plug is made up of two main parts: the lock and the lock hole. The key component in the lock body is the "lock tongue", and the two states of "closing the door" and "opening the door" can be realized with the "lock hole". That is, the lock tongue is inserted into the lock hole to close the door, and the lock tongue leaves the lock hole to open the door. Because of the retractable function of the lock tongue, the name of the "electric lock" is crowned. It is precisely because of this feature that electrical interlocking is often used in all kinds of open doors (two-way open). At the same time, the features of the "hidden" installation are more suitable for the place where the lock has a higher demand for secrecy. The magnetic lock principle and electromagnet, is the use of electro magnetic principle, then heteropolar phase, when the current through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will generate strong suction suck iron adsorption effect to tightly lock the door. As long as a small current electromagnetic lock will produce great magnetic force, we will control the electromagnetic lock power's access control system, identify the right person, then turn off the power, and the electromagnetic lock can't open when it loses suction. Because the electromagnetic lock has no complex mechanical structure and the structure of the lock tongue, it is suitable for the access control of the escape door or the fire door. The internal use of epoxy resin (epoxy) is used to protect the lock. At present, the strength of the suction force of the electromagnetic lock is LB (pound), and the test method is static pressure. The so-called static pressure is the electromagnetic lock power slowly increased gradually on the adsorption plate tension, when exceeding the electromagnetic lock suction instantly opened the adsorption of iron, a tension tension data is the value of the electromagnetic lock. And the force of the electromagnetic lock and the adsorbed iron plate must be face-to-face and pressurized in a straight line, so that the force of the electromagnetic lock is the largest. The adsorbed iron plate is likely to be magnetized for a short time because of the magnetic induction of the electromagnet for a long time. Transfer between the front lock insert signal output card and magnetic and electric lock. Usually, the way of signal transmission between them is through several commonly used data transmission ways, such as RS422, RS485 and RS232, where RS422 is duplex data transmission mode. Transmissions to the outside. The transmission of data is usually odd. Line 3, line five line signal, wiring for more, in front system, and magnetic lock or lock signal. RS485 communication converter. It is a double half singular data transmission signal. His feature is that there is little wiring. The transmission distance is far away and the magnetic lock or plug lock that is connected to it should not be too much. If many words must be divided into multiple interfaces, it is not managed. But the agreement is relatively complex. They are generally and in and out of the building intercom, placket. Magnetic lock or electrical interlocking signal. RS323 communication converter is used in intelligent equipment, its characteristic is short transmission distance, now the intelligent equipment in the community is more common. So it is also the most widely used.

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