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Electromagnetic Lock System

Electromagnetic Lock System

Electrict blot is a kind of electronic control lock, mortise lock on and off by current drive "lock tongue" of the function of the extended or retracted to lock the door or open the door.And, of course, the realization of the function of closed to open the door to cooperate with the "disk" to achieve.

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electromagnetic lock system


Strength: 1, the lock tongue if the lock tongue is weak, and the lock tongue will happen automatically retract a phenomenon, or poor reactivity, lock tongue slip is not timely, lost its meaning of "lock".

2 lock body temperature, working condition: there is no a latch in working condition is not hot, but should not reach the level of "boiled egg".
3, working current, the indexes related to lock tongue strength, is also related to the temperature of the lock body work condition.Design accurate electricity mortise lock should find a balance between the two.
4, working voltage: usually there are 12 VDC / 24 VDC two kinds, and in the majority with 12 VDC.24 VDC the biggest advantage is its requirement of working current is smaller.
5, lock body size: for a place with special installation size, it is particularly important to the index.Out of reach for some project size requirement is designed.
6, feedback signal: some electricity mortise lock to lock state detection, such as the disk position detection, for the state of the lock core, etc.Can achieve higher security requirements.
7, the time delay design: implementation delay after several seconds after the door closed automatically.This feature for some cannot be closed set time delay of the entrance guard system and design.

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