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Magnetic Door Lock

Magnetic Door Lock

The electromagnetic lock has no complicated mechanical structure and the structure of the locking tongue, which is suitable for the access control of the escape door or fire door. The interior is protected by perfusion epoxy resin.

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       Magnetic door lock

magnetic door lock,


1.The magnetic type automatic door lock 80KG, suitable for all brands of automatic doors in STANLEY, gaiser, Matsushita, Sodom etc. at home and abroad, and has automatic door multi-function expander (lock, access control, normally open, induction) four function conversion function, a dynamic open function increase based on the original function of automatic door the expansion device, use, simple and convenient installation.
2.Input voltage AC / DC: 12-24V Suction: 80KG
Dimension: 71* 65* 45 (mm) Suction piece: 60*32*10 (mm)
Lock holder:147* 65* 3 (mm) Suction bracket: 116*68*38 (mm)
3. The whole design of the magnetic lock is simple and easy to install with a maximum pulling force of 80 kg.the circuit part uses the unique demagnetization circuit design to ensure the elimination of residual magnetism.
4.Can directly access the door signal unlock. At the same time with automatic door multi-function expander (lock, access control, normally open, induction) four function conversion function.
5. Detection signal output, the basis of the original automatic door function expander increased on the move to open the door of the function, use, simple and convenient installation. lock status signal output.

Installation steps

The first step: first, use a screwdriver to open the cover plate, and then with a hexagonal wrench side plate, ready to install

Step 2: take out installed cardboard, the cardboard fold along the dotted line put cardboard in the required position lock, then need to punch holes after make the mark.

Step 3:After A fixed plate, insert the Allen screw in the iron plate, the rubber washer between two pieces of metal washers, and then, hexagonal screw.Insert the iron plate on the door of the three holes, inserted the mushroom head from the other side of the door at the same time, will follow the iron plate with hex wrench locks on the door.

B fixed plate, the plate with two cup head screws in the previous punching on the door frame of (fixed in the long hole plate).Note: do not lock plate, it can move around to facilitate the location of the Ann.

C the location of the fixed plate makes the position of the side plate and the iron plate, right to make lock body can be closely contact with the iron plate.

D lock body and plate after locking plate round head screw, locks and all the countersunk head screw, and then unloaded cup head screws, drilling in place so that connection.The last subject lock the lock with a hexagonal wrench on the plate.

Step 4: in accordance with the instruction of the manual connection.

Step 5: cover plate, lock small aluminum cylinder into the main body of the screw holes.Installation steps

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