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Ip Door Access Control Systems

Ip Door Access Control Systems

The electromagnetic lock has no complicated mechanical structure and the structure of the locking tongue, which is suitable for the access control of the escape door or fire door. The interior is protected by perfusion epoxy resin.

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     IP door access control systems

ip door access control systems


Indoor Magnetic lock Character:

To prevent the high voltage switch equipment electrical wrong operation of electric interlocking device.Is mainly suitable for indoor high voltage switch equipment before and after the cupboard door, isolating switch, circuit breaker, ground wire needs locking parts for interlocking, such as in the market and provide users with a pair of corresponding points position of the switch contacts, making it easy for users to lock interlocked and integrated automation of sampling, to avoid the empty process, is the ideal of modern substation equipment lock.

Glass door magnetic lock installation method:

A. Has aluminum alloy (or other materials) package box door installation method with ordinary door embedded installation.
Installation note glass doors required with aluminium alloy frame, due to the lock suction and distance is less than 6 mm, so requires the door to door frame distance is less than 6 mm, floor spring with the stable quality, otherwise it will affect the positioning of the lock.

Ii. 1. The installation without using the UBK support package box glass door fittings are needed to assist the installation.The surface of the installation method and common door installation method basic same, just install the sizzling in the third step, installation method as shown in figure

9.The u-shaped groove along with rubber cushion and stainless steel gasket (on one side of the lock screw) sets on the glass door, with a headless screw lock on the door, then put the plate on the u-shaped slot.For the glass doors of different thickness and different models of electromagnetic locks, we provide different types of installation accessories: UBK stents.

2. The use of AB to install the AB first frame with glass glue or double-sided tape on the glass door, and then put the iron plate fixed on the bracket.

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