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Infrared Presence Detector

Infrared Presence Detector

CHARACTER Strong anti-interference ability, stability, quick response of the system, manual adjustment of clip height

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220  infrared presence detector



Specially for rotating automatic door, sliding door, in order to prevent pinching people

Also can be used for special occasion that people enter freely

Hidden-design installation and exposure installation




Operation voltageAC/DC12-36V

Maximum installation height3000mm

Detection range100-3000mm

Signal output: NO/NC/ COM

Spot size50*50mm


DIMENSION: 118L*35W*49Hmm


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1, Superior Quality
2, Strong R & D Ability
3, Competitive Price
4, Certifications
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1.Q:How to get samples?      

   A:If you need to order sample, please kindly arrange sample payment.

 if you have an courier account, we will delivery directly using your courier account.

If not, then we will use our forwarder.


2.Q:How much is the freight cost? 

    A: It depends on the quantity, weight, carton size and your area.

3.Q:How can i get your price list? 
    A:Please leave your contact way such as Email/MSN/Skype/Tradmanager to us.

we will contact to you, and pass our quoation sheet to you asap

4.Q:Can we have our logo or company name to be printed

on your products or the package?  
    A:Yes,you can. welcome to print your logo/company on product or packaging.

MOQ for logo/company imprint is 1000pcs. for packaging is 1000pcs.


5.Q: What's your usual payment term for orders?   
    A:We accept terms of T/T /Westunion/Paypal

6.Q: What's the warranty time?
    A:1 year warranty.


7.Q: What is the service after the warranty time?
    A:All life technology support. But for the replacement or repair, they are not free.


8.Q: What kind of Logistics do you use?

    A: We use  transportation: such as DHL, UPS, TNT etc,

and we have our own well co-operated logistics, so we can deliver your goods in priority. 


Latest news

A method of making an automatic lifting push door with infrared anti clamp function

Technical field:

The utility model relates to a building door and window, in particular to an automatic lifting push door which is used to prevent the body or articles from being clamped by an infrared radiation sensor.

Background technology:

The lifting sliding door is welcomed by users because of its good sealing performance, sound insulation, wind isolation and heat preservation, energy saving and environmental protection, and the use of multi point lock structure with strong external invasion function. The existing automatic lifting sliding doors are generally composed of doorframes, fixed door fans, movable door fans, lifting push pull assemblies, multi-point lock drivers, door leaf driving mechanisms and manual switches. Manual switches are usually set in the control room. When the sliding door is closed automatically, if there are some people or articles between the movable door and the doorframe, and the operator can't find it in time, it will easily cause damage to the human body or damage the items. When serious, the door body will also be damaged.

The purpose of the utility model is to provide an automatic lifting sliding door with infrared ray clamping function for the defects of the existing automatic lifting sliding door. In order to achieve the above purpose, automatic lifting sliding door provided by the utility model, the frame and the door leaf, the door leaf, enhance the activity of the fixed sliding component, multi point with existing technology and door lock driver driving mechanism, which is characterized in that the installation of infrared receiver infrared shooting sensor in the frame of the left frame, the installation of infrared emitter the infrared shooting sensor in door vertical frames correspond to the left border on the input port of the infrared transmitter and the infrared receiver and the controller is connected with the output port of the controller and the drive door lock and the transmission mechanism is connected. The working principle of the automatic lifting sliding door of the utility model is to turn on or close the control signal of the active door leaf after entering the controller, and the controller outputs, controls the action of the multi point lock driver and the door leaf drive mechanism, and realizes the automatic opening and closing of the lifting sliding door. Is due to the input of the controller and the infrared sensor transmitter and receiver activity when the door leaf is closed, if there are people or objects located in the middle of activities will block the doors and door frames, infrared signal, infrared sensor will interrupt signal input to the controller, the controller output immediately, stop the door driving mechanism, so as to ensure the being a human body or articles from harm, damage of sliding door also not automatically enhance the anti pinch function of sliding door. The utility model has the advantage of automatically lifting the sliding door when the door is closed, such as the existence of persons or objects between the movable door leaf and the doorframe, and the operator has not found it in time. The infrared radiation sensor can effectively avoid the damage of human body or articles.

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