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Fingerprint Door Lock Door Entry System

Fingerprint Door Lock Door Entry System

Intelligent Lock (foreign names Intelligent Lock) refers to the difference between the traditional mechanical Lock, in the aspect of user identification, security, manageability more Intelligent locks.Intelligent lock is executive parts in the entrance guard system to lock the door.

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fingerprint door lock door entry system


In the field of security technology to guard against, with security alarm function of electronic combination lock to replace the traditional mechanical combination lock, overcoming the mechanical combination lock password quantity is little, the shortcomings of poor safety performance, make the combination lock both in technology and step in performance are improved greatly.With the development of large scale integrated circuit technology, especially the single chip microcomputer, appeared with the intelligent combination of the microprocessor, it besides has the function of electronic combination lock, also introduced the intelligent management, expert analysis system, and other functions, so that the combination lock of high security, reliability, and increasingly widely used.In this paper, with 51 series microcontroller as the core of smart trick lock, the detailed expounds its working principle, basic function block diagram, key design technology and software work flow.

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