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Digital Lock For Sliding Door

Digital Lock For Sliding Door

Electronic locks, it is also the 51 series microcontroller (AT89051) as the core, the match With the corresponding hardware circuit, to complete the password Settings, storage, recognition and display, drive electromagnetic actuators and detect the drive current value, receive the alarming signal from the sensor to send, send data, and other functions.

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Glass fingerprint lock is a safe, reliable, high efficiency and energy  saving, advanced technology, convenient operation and easy 

management.The multifunctional intelligent door locks.This  product adopts fingerprints, smart card, password as the door key, 

can be  apply widely and can be used for the modern office.

Specific characteristics:

  1. Supports fingerprints, smart card, password as the door key

  2. With doorbell function 

  3. Support right open and left open

  4. Support the combination lock, double confirm more secure. 

  5. Virtual password function,support 20 digits. 

  6. Chinese and English available

Unlock the flow chart for the keyboard type combination lock (for example) : began to turn on the juice and

 initialized program Settings, and then select lock or set the password, the lock need to have keyboard scanning 

process, password is correct, unlock success, wrong password 3 times error alarm, if want to change the password,

first enter the old password, the password right after setting a new password, error alarm, need to confirm the new 

password twice, confirmed, the password is changed, otherwise end eventually return.

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