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  • Security Door Lock Parts
    Security Door Lock Parts
    As people living environment of the upgrade, people pay more and more attention to their personal safety and property safety, the safety of the people, families, and residential district has put forward higher requirements; At the same time, the rapid...
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  • Home Security Devices
    Home Security Devices
    Electrical control adopts high voltage low voltage control method, that is safe and smart, can use the remote control, timing, and so on the many kinds of intelligent control method for the water dispenser in the home, plug, air conditioning, floor...
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  • Fingerprint Smart Lock For Home
    Fingerprint Smart Lock For Home
    Automatic configuration of set-top box at the bottom of IPTV network Settings launch configuration server, set-top boxes, electric self-checking, through curing login in the ROM the login program launch configuration server to complete the related...
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  • Smart Lock For Entrance Door System
    Smart Lock For Entrance Door System
    Intelligent management control refers to the residence as a platform, building and construction, network communication, information appliances, automation equipment, system, structure, service, management as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe,...
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  • Door Lock Attendance System
    Door Lock Attendance System
    Smart home (home automation) is a residential as a platform, using the integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the household life related...
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  • BEA Motion Sensor
    BEA Motion Sensor
    The detection angle of scanning can be adjusted by mounting bracket accurately.
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  • Fingerprint Door Locks
    Fingerprint Door Locks
    fingerprint door locks research began in the 1930 s, has long been used in some special places. Electronic lock key (password), can be used with mechanical lock, and could be avoided by keys are generic security hidden danger. Electronic lock just remember...
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  • Biometric Door Lock
    Biometric Door Lock
    smart door locks is the combined of electronic technology and integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative recognition technology (including the computer network technology, the built-in software...
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  • Smart Door Lock
    Smart Door Lock
    Smart door lock consists of intelligent monitor and electronic lock. The two places are placed in different places. The intelligent monitor supplies the power supply required by the electronic lock and receives the alarm information and status information...
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  • Digital Lock For Sliding Door
    Digital Lock For Sliding Door
    Electronic locks, it is also the 51 series microcontroller (AT89051) as the core, the match With the corresponding hardware circuit, to complete the password Settings, storage, recognition and display, drive electromagnetic actuators and detect the...
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  • Electronic Combination Lock
    Electronic Combination Lock
    Electronic combination lock is a password or to control circuit (access control system), so as to control mechanical switches closed, lock, lock task of electronic products. It's a lot of more phyletic, has simple circuit products, also has a high...
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  • Keyless Entry System
    Keyless Entry System
    Infrared distance sensor met obstacle distance using the infrared signal ofthe principle of the reflected intensity vary, test the obstacle distance.Infrared distance sensor with a pair of infrared signal transmitting and receiving diode, tubes launch...
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