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The Access Control System Of Portrait Recognition

- Sep 28, 2017 -

By examining the biological characteristics of personnel and other methods to identify the comings and goings. Fingerprint type, iris type, facial recognition type.

Advantages: Excellent safety from the point of view;

Disadvantage: The cost is very high. Low recognition rate, high environmental requirements, high requirements for users (such as fingerprints can not scratch, the eye can not be inflamed and bleeding, the face can not be injured, or the number of beards), the use of inconvenient (such as Iris type and facial recognition type, installation height of the position must be, but the user's height is different)

It's worth noting that the biometric access control system is considered safe by the average person in fact, this is a misunderstanding, the security of access control system is not only the security of the identification method, but also part of the security system, the security of the software system, communication system security, power system security The whole system is a whole, which is not clearance, The whole system is unsafe. For example, some fingerprint access control system, its controller and fingerprint identification device is one, installed in the outdoor, so that the control of the line on the lock switch on the outside, it is easy to open.