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What is a Web attendance system

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Web attendance system in the enterprise based on the original attendance system, the realization of the network management attendance, software installed on the server, distributed in different geographical attendance agencies can share a set of management software, each branch can independently manage the department attendance. The Web attendance system supports the infinite classification of organization structure, optimizes the scheduling, can realize automatic scheduling, attendance optimization analysis, statistical data optimization analysis. Web attendance system mainly through accurate measurement and scientific arrangement of staff hours, focus on the labor force in the enterprise input-output ratio and labor optimization problems. To help enterprises to enhance the individual effective working hours, minimum combination of risk and improve labor productivity, and ultimately improve the enterprise's internal labor management capacity. The system can fully automate the attendance of employees. In the rising cost of manpower today, is the right-hand man of enterprise management!

Web attendance management system through the most enterprises have already had the depth of attendance management data mining, analysis of labor force in the enterprise input-output ratio and labor optimization problems, flexible labor arrangements, real-time labor activity tracking, through self-service to employees or managers of the reasonable authorization, The analysis of various labor data enables the enterprise to make scientific decision about the labor force, so that all the activities of employees obey the value-added chain of the enterprise and achieve the maximization of the enterprise's benefit.