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The working principle of the induction door

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The Sensor door translation Automatic Unit consists of the following components:

(1) Main controller: It is the automatic Gate Instruction Center, through the large-scale integration block internal coding instruction standard process, according to the instruction, the instruction or the motor locks the system, through the main controller process in the same time people adjust the door open, open speed range.

(2) Induction door sensor: Carefully collect the external signal, as if the human eye, when the object moves to its scale, it gives the main controller a pulse signal;

(3) Power Motor: Provide the automatic force of opening and closing, control the acceleration and deceleration operation of the doors.

(4) The track of the door: the track of the train, the narrow door of the sling and the Walking wheel system, you can drive for a specific purpose.

(5) Under the power traction, the hanging door suspension system is used for suspending the doors and driving the doors.

(6) Synchronous belt (some manufacturers use triangular belts): for the transmission of motor, traction door, sling, wheel system generated power.

(7) Lower guide system: Lower door guide and positioning assembly to prevent door and window swinging during operation.

When the sensing door is opened and closed, the process is as follows:

Sensing detector detection when someone enters a pulse signal to the main controller, the main controller is determined to monitor the operation of the motor, motor speed, motor strength, so as to care, and will run into the walk. The motor running current forward, the electrical energy to the synchronous belt, and then to the lifting system to transmit power, open the door and window belt; by the controller to open the sensor door, so decisive, if closed, nursing motor reversal activities, blocking the induction door.