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The quality problem that the automatic door should pay attention to

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The quality problem of automatic door

1. Electronic induction automatic door science and technology content is higher, its mechanical device, automation device or intelligent device reliability difference between good and bad, the price is very far apart, in order to ensure the normal use of less fault, durable and safe, should be as far as possible select well-known enterprises brand products.

2. For the automatic door fitted with the guiding track, it is advisable to draw the line in the floor construction, in the automatic gate track position accurately embedded Wood fang, and note that the length of the wood is larger than the opening door width of twice times, should not be used after the groove, to ensure that the groove quality and the lower rail and the intersection of the floor.

3. Automatic door upper steel beam installation is an important part of the installation process, equipped with mechanical devices and electronic control device chassis fixed on it, so that the steel girder and the beam and the side of the hole to connect with a certain strength, stiffness and stability. such as the early construction drawings in the design depth is not enough, the main structure of the construction must contact with the design personnel to implement. The embedded parts of the steel beam should be securely anchored in the reinforced concrete members. Composite material is made up of two or more materials with distinct physical and mechanical properties, and different materials can be used as reinforcement phase and basic phase of materials. The enhancement phase plays an important role in improving the strength and stiffness of the matrix phase, while the matrix plays a role in enhancing the phase qualitatively, thus obtaining the excellent performance that the single material is difficult to achieve.

Resin is usually used as the matrix phase of composite materials. It can be divided into fiber reinforced composites and particle reinforced composites according to the different reinforcement phases. The preparation of composites is based on a certain process to combine the enhanced phase with the matrix phase and the matrix, which is formed by a specific mold.

The advantages of composite materials are high strength and elastic modulus, while the quality is particularly small, but heat resistance, thermal conductivity and conductivity are poor, the price is also more expensive. For example, the wings of the rotating door of the load-bearing wheel composite made.