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The principle of automatic door

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Automatic Door basic composition is basically the same, with the above components, coupled with the opening signal, you can configure a simple Hangzhou automatic door system. Automatic Door system configuration refers to the use of requirements and equipped with automatic door controller connected to the peripheral auxiliary control devices, such as door signal source, access control system, security devices, centralized control. Must be based on the characteristics of the building. Through personnel composition, building automation system requirements, reasonable equipped with auxiliary control devices.

The concept of centralized control, including centralized monitoring of automatic door operation and centralized operation of more than two layers of meaning of the Hangzhou automatic door door open, centralized monitoring is through the position of the output circuit to achieve closure, you can use the contact switch to a certain position (such as the opening position), touch switches and given contact signals An inductive signal generator can also be used to signal a sensor when it detects that the door is in a certain position. When the central control room sets the corresponding indicator, the status of the automatic door can be displayed and centralized operation is usually open or lock the door at the same time, depending on the Hangzhou automatic door controller has the corresponding terminal.

The above is a brief overview of the basic working principle of the automatic door, hope to help you.