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The night vision system

- May 09, 2018 -


Night vision system can make the drivers identified about 210 meters distance road wearing light-colored clothes test dummies, 41 meters ahead of the xenon headlamps.In the pedestrian dressed in black clothes, can early 92 meters.This means using night-vision auxiliary system night driving safety can be increased by more than 125%.At the same time, due to the full mastery of the for potentially dangerous information also can make the drivers to drive at night in the process of psychological pressure eased, and then relax the driving more comfortable.

Night vision in the night light irradiation can be outside the scope of potential hazardous situations show on the windscreen, and driver to open field of vision, to avoid traffic accidents.Night vision system can also help drivers passing appeared glare at night to see ahead.

Night vision system can't replace the lamp, it is a kind of auxiliary equipment.Because the night vision system is expensive, just as in the United States options of luxury car for sale.