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The function of time and attendance systems

- Sep 28, 2017 -

1 Real-time attendance query: In any case, without any attendance settings, can be real-time check the employee credit card records

(including the credit card person, card time, the nature of the card, the window number) and not dozen employees, can also be used for the conditions of some or all the staff of the card records (such as: Enter the work number, date and time), you can query the employee during this time period of punch details.

2 Basic attendance Processing: according to the prior definition of attendance settings can be a variety of attendance data processing, automatically determine the late, early, absenteeism and effective clocking in the time of the breakdown of the situation. Such as: can be a separate query late, leave the situation, absence and effective punch time of the punch line, abnormal clocking data, etc., in these query functions can be based on the conditions of the query; late. The query feature also allows you to enter the appropriate number of minutes to query for people larger than this number of times.

More than 3 kinds of attendance statistics: can be real-time statistics of staff commuting, overtime, late, early, leave, absence and other related attendance information (the number of staff abnormal attendance and minutes) to form a comprehensive summary of the report, can also be based on the conditions (date, work number, departments, etc.) for statistical work.

4 Automatic deduction Statistics: According to attendance and attendance settings, can automatically count all employees in a certain time range of attendance should be deducted, to facilitate the calculation of wages.

5 Overtime automatic Statistics: according to the employees overtime clocking time and the enterprise arranges overtime time, automatically statistics the actual overtime work of the staff and arranges overtime time within the overtime, flexibly adapts the overtime time statistics of various enterprises.

6 Exception handling: For business delays in the staff can be used to make up card processing, leave the staff can take leave to deal with a person, a shift in time to adjust the work hours, the end of the statistics will automatically calculate the number of days off.