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Temperature and humidity sensor

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Temperature and humidity sensor is a kind of sensor which only just, just the temperature and humidity in the air by certain detection device, the measured temperature and humidity, according to certain rules into electrical signal output, or other form of information needed to meet user needs.

Due to the temperature and humidity, no matter from physical quantities itself or in the actual people's lives have close relations, so the temperature and humidity sensor can produce accordingly.Temperature and humidity sensor is refers to the amount of temperature and humidity can be converted into easy to measure electrical signal processing equipment or device.The temperature and humidity on the market in general is measuring the temperature and relative humidity.

Digital temperature and humidity sensor is mainly divided into two kinds of single bus and IIC procedures

Hot and cold temperature: measurement object quantities, it is one of the seven basic physical quantities in the international system of units.In the production and scientific research, many physical phenomena and chemical processes are conducted in a certain temperature, closely related to people's life and his.

Humidity, humidity and life long before there is a close relationship, but more difficult to use the number for said.

In daily life is the most commonly used said humidity quantity of air relative humidity.Use % RH said.On the derivation of the physical quantity has the close relationship between relative humidity and temperature.A certain volume of sealed gas, the lower the temperature, the higher the relative humidity, the lower the temperature, the higher relative humidity.Which involve complex thermal engineering knowledge.