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Installation method of access control system

- Sep 28, 2017 -

According to the installation characteristics of the access control system, the whole piping system can be divided into local piping and system piping. The following small addendum to introduce the Access control system installation method.

A local controller is a door button between a pipe repeating card, an electrical lock, a pipe and a pipe, and a piping system refers to the power cord between the controller. Local pipeline laying and piping installation can be carried out in parallel or parallel with the progress of decoration or decoration, but note the following points:

A, power cord and signal line through the tube, and two long distances should be more than 30cm parallel arrangement;

B, AC 220V power supply from the management center to each access point, in some cases, AC 220V power can also be received from the recent, but should comply with the relevant specifications;

, the line must be marked, the line must be placed on the junction box, if you ignore this work, will give later installation, commissioning work to bring great trouble;

Induction Head Installation

A, the sensor head should be as close as possible to the door control, in the installation should be as far as possible to prevent dust into the induction head;

B, the position of the induction head should be away from the strong electromagnetic field and metal objects, so as not to shorten the effective induction distance;

Wiring c, wall hole should be neat and clear, to avoid cable failure caused by the number of days after maintenance.

Controller installation

A, the controller should be installed indoors as far as possible to reduce the chance of man-made damage. The controller installation position should be as close to the sensor head as possible (maximum distance of 120 meters);

B, and the controller of the installation panel with the tapping screws fixed on the wall (door frame);

After the controller is installed and debugged, it should be locked to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Lock and latch installation process

A, electrical lock, power cord, control line must be on the door to transform the first entrance or the door frame, and leave enough margin outside the door. Diameter of power cord not less than 1.5 mm;

In the installation, must ensure that the electronic lock and the precise coordination of the lock, that is, the lock tongue in the opening and closing can be normal expansion.

B, the installation process, lock the door, in addition to the smooth beauty, yin and Yang Yi in closing the door, there is no obvious loose sense, the installation of electrical lock, electronic lock locks should be in the door or door flush installation of magnetic lock door slammed shut the door in the unlock should not have a significant impact (door-locked device preferred), the main, auxiliary magnetic plate can be a little space.

The above is the entrance control system installation method Introduction, hoped can be helpful to everybody.