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Infrared sensor PART 2

- Mar 31, 2018 -


For the target
According to the infrared radiation characteristics of the target under test infrared system can be set.

Atmospheric attenuation
Infrared radiation of the target under test through earth's atmosphere, because the gas molecules and various gases as well as a variety of aerosol particle scattering and absorption, will make the infrared source of infrared radiation attenuation.

The optical receiver
It receives the target part of the infrared radiation and transmission to the infrared sensor.Is equal to the radar antenna, commonly used is objective.

Radiation modulator
To clinch a deal from the radiation of the target under test modulation radiation light, the target azimuth information, and can filter out the interference signal of large area.Also called modulation chopper and disk, it has many kinds of structure.

Infrared detector
This is the core of the infrared system.It is presented by using the infrared radiation and matter interaction of the physical effects of the infrared radiation detection sensors, in most cases is to use the electronic effect of this interaction are presented.This kind of detector can be divided into two large, photon detector and thermal sensitive detector type.

The probe refrigerator
For some detectors have to work under high temperature, so the corresponding system must have a refrigeration equipment.After cooling, the equipment can shorten response time, improve the detection sensitivity.