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infrared sensor PART 1

- Mar 31, 2018 -


Infrared technology has been widely used in the speed measuring system, many products have been using infrared technology to realize vehicle speed, such as detection research.Infrared application field of velocity measurement, the hardest to overcome is influenced by strong sunlight and other contains infrared light interference.The light interference becomes the bottleneck of infrared application in the field.Aiming at this problem, here in this paper, a design of infrared speed sensor, the design scheme for multi-point measurement instant speed and acceleration phase to provide technical support, can be used in highway speed and the speed of the production line is expected to weigh in the industrial production need to measure the speed of the link.

Infrared technology is well-known, the technology in the modern science and technology, national defense science and technology and industrial and agricultural science and technology has been widely used.Infrared sensor system is to use infrared ray as medium measurement system, according to the function can be divided into five categories: (1) radiometer, used for radiation and spectral measurement;(2) search and tracking system, is used to search and tracking infrared target, determine the spatial location and movement track of it;(3) thermal imaging system, can produce the target infrared radiation distribution of images;(4) infrared distance and communication system;(5) hybrid system, it is to point to the above all kinds of system of the combination of two or more.

Infrared sensor based on the mechanism of detection can be divided into: photon detector (based on the photoelectric effect) and heat detectors (based on the thermal effect).