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- May 09, 2018 -

Introduction of Induction door 

Induction door: add and induction door refers to: translation induction door open induction door, peace "induction" "refers to a kind of open mode of automatic door.By induction door according to the production process is divided into: wu kuang box door and door. Induction door is mainly refers to the door switch control system is implemented by way of induction, can be divided by the different methods of induction infrared induction door, microwave induction door, charge induction door, touch induction door, etc.The hydrodynamic aspects generally USES toughened glass, stainless steel plate, color steel plate, etc. Or some special material.


Induction door is suitable for hotels, hotels, Banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc., application is very broad.Use to add and induction door, can save air conditioning energy, reduce noise, windproof, dustproof, at the same time can make our inward and outward look solemn.


1. The plane geometry form.It is composed of four or more surface, related to each other all the intersection of a plane, and form a space.
2. Geometric curved surface body.It consists of geometric curved surface body.It is composed of geometric surface linear plane about a line on the side of the movement, its trajectory is forming a curved surface body


According to the installation environment and requirements of induction door, considering the configuration of the induction door.

1) sensors in upscale hotels, office buildings, can choose high sensitivity of the sensor;Banks, shops and so on the side-walk often someone passing place to choose a narrow area of weibo sensor (sensor can be adjust).
2) safety auxiliary devices: in high-grade hotels and other places to put an end to the induction of events, you can choose to install the clip infrared sensors.
3) equipped with back-up power: in order to ensure the power failure automatic door can work normally, can be equipped with backup power supply.

Performance of induction door
Many different kinds of automatic induction door, first of all, the translation type induction door group consists of the following components:
1, the main controller: it is the command center automatic doors, through internal have a large-scale integrated piece of instruction procedure, a corresponding instructions, command the motor or electric lock system work;People at the same time by the host controller by adjusting the parameters of the door leaf open speed, range, etc.
2, inductive probe: be responsible for collecting external signals, as in people's eyes, when moving object into its scope of work, it is a pulse signal to the master controller;
3, power motor: opening and closing of main power, control the operation of door leaf acceleration and deceleration.