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Hotel door lock system 5

- Apr 13, 2018 -


Fold the cable lock
According to the input password mode can be divided into the following categories:

Using the keyboard (or combination of buttons) enter unlock code, easy to operate.Internal control circuit often USES electronic lock application-specific integrated circuit ASIC.

Adopt mechanical dial switch input unlock password.Many button type electronic lock can be converted into dial electronic lock.

Electronic key type
Using electronic key input (or as) unlock password.Electronic key is constitute an important part of the control circuit.Electronic key can be composed of components or the components unit circuit composition, make small handheld unit form.Electronic key and main control circuit of contact can be a variety of forms such as sound, light, electromagnetic.


By adopting the method of touch input unlock password, the operation is simple.Relative to the key switch, touch switch have long service life, low cost, thus optimizing the electronic lock control circuit.

Biological characteristics of the type
Will sound, fingerprints as a password, the biological characteristics, such as pattern recognition by computer control lock, intelligent is quite high.Folding wireless lock

The door lock class electronic lock, the main can be used in trucks, vans, logistics transportation, warehousing, milk refrigerator car, medicine, transportation, tobacco transportation transportation sector.Mainly used for truck doors, special vehicle manhole covers as well as the warehouse door, guarantee the safety of the goods transportation or guard, to prevent theft.The electronic lock adopts the mechanical lock body combined with Internet of things technology, lock body of wireless data transceiver module, when, lock body, a wireless transceiver module will open, shut signal to the remote transmission monitoring host.Such as monitoring host receives the lock in the period signal, this signal judgment for stolen and broken signal, monitoring host an immediate alarm information, in order to deal with relevant personnel in a timely manner, to prevent financial loss.

Folding editor this validation method
Electronic combination lock device that provides a variety of certification, the below mentioned consideration is not comprehensive, only an example.

Numerical codes, passwords and password phrases
Digital code is the most common form of certification, the use of electronic lock, must enter the correct code, so that locking outage.This kind of lock usually provides a keyboard, and some functions, each by a voice response.Combination is usually between 4-6 long length.A variation on this design involves the user input the correct password or password.

Folding security token
Another means to authenticate users to scan or a security token, such as smart card or similar "credit card", or tokens of interaction and lock.For example, some lock can access the credentials of the personal digital processing (PDA) using infrared data transmission method.

Fold recognition technology
As a biometric is becoming more and more prominent as a means of confirmed positive recognition, their use in security system.Some of the new electronic lock using the technology, such as fingerprints, retinal scans, iris scans, voiceprint recognition, to authenticate a user.

Fold the RFID
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the use of an object (commonly referred to as "RFID") applicable to or incorporated into a product, an animal or person the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves.Some tags can be read from several meters away, beyond the line of sight of the reader.This technology is also used in modern electronic combination lock.

Folding editing this section operation

Unlock the flow chart for the keyboard type combination lock (for example) : began to turn on the juice and initialized program Settings, and then select lock or set the password, the lock need to have keyboard scanning process, password is correct, unlock success, wrong password 3 times error alarm, if want to change the password, first enter the old password, the password right after setting a new password, error alarm, need to confirm the new password twice, confirmed, the password is changed, otherwise end eventually return.