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hotel door lock system 2

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Fold 1, the basic principle and hardware

Intelligent combination lock system composed of intelligent monitor and electronic locks.The two different place, intelligent monitor electronic locks the required power supply and receive its send alarm information and status information.Here used line multiplexing technology, make the electricity supply and information transmission Shared a 2 core cable, improve the security and reliability of the system.

1.1, the basic principle of the intelligent monitor and composition block diagram

Intelligent monitor composition block diagram, it is composed of single chip microcomputer, clock, keyboard, LCD display, memory, modem, line multiplexing and monitoring, A/D conversion, buzzer and other units.Mainly complete with electronic locks, intelligent analysis and communication lines of communication between the safety monitoring, and other functions.

Intelligent monitor remain the state of receiving, receiving electronic locks in the fixed format of alarm information and status information.For the alarm message, immediately through the LCD display and buzzer sound and light alarm;To state information is stored in memory, and with the electronic locks before this moment in the history of the state, it is concluded that changes in trend, predict the future change of state, through the LCD monitor provide relevant information to the personnel on duty, for the use of decision.Intelligent monitor of establishing A correspondence with electronic locks at the same time, through the A/D converter in real-time monitoring of power supply current communication lines, change, effectively prevent the damage caused by man-made factors, to ensure the communication lines open.

1.2, electronic locks basic principle and composition block diagram

Electronic locks the composition block diagram, it is also the 51 series microcontroller (AT89051) as the core, with the corresponding hardware circuit, to complete the password Settings, storage, identification and display, drive the electromagnetic actuator and detect the drive current value, receive the alarming signal from the sensor to send, send data, etc.

MCU receives the type in the code, and comparing with the password storage block in EEPROM, if the password is correct, the electromagnetic actuator driven lock;If the password is not correct, allows operators to enter the password, can enter up to three times.If the three are not correct, the single chip microcomputer through telecommunication lines road intelligent monitor alarm.Single-chip microcomputer will unlock operation and each time the electromagnetic actuator drive current value as a status information sent to the intelligent monitor, at the same time will receive from sensor alarm information is sent to the intelligent monitor interface, as the basis of intelligent analysis.