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Door Access Control (Part 1)

- Mar 27, 2018 -

System introduction about Access Control 

1.Common entrance guard controller, entrance guard board
Inward and outward entrance guard system of safety management is a new modern safety management system, it integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures, it involves the electronic, mechanical, optical, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology, and many other new technologies.It is solve important gateway to realize the effective safety management measures.Apply to all kinds of confidential departments, such as bank, hotel, office, computer room, the armory, confidential room, intelligent community, factory, etc.

2.The rapid development of network technology in digital technology entrance guard technology obtained the swift and violent development today.Already beyond simple doorways and key management, it has gradually developed into a set of complete access management system.It in safe environment, personnel attendance management, and other administrative work plays a huge role.

Entrance guard SYSTEM, also known as ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM (ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM) is a kind of management of intelligent management SYSTEM of personnel entering and leaving. Summary: management of what people what time which can be in and out of the door, and provide the query statements, and so on, common entrance guard SYSTEM are: password entrance guard SYSTEM, non-contact card entrance guard SYSTEM, type iris zhang biometric fingerprint entrance guard SYSTEM and facial recognition ACCESS CONTROL attendance SYSTEM, entrance guard SYSTEM is developing rapidly in recent years, has been widely used in the management CONTROL SYSTEM.

Classification system

Fold according to the way in and out of recognition can be divided into:
Password identification
Card identification
Password identification
By examining the input password is correct to identify the in and out of the authority.
This kind of product is divided into two kinds: one kind is ordinary, one kind is out-of-order keyboard type (the Numbers on the keyboard is not fixed, not automatically change) on a regular basis.

Advantages: easy to operate, do not need to carry the card;The cost is low.
Disadvantages: easy to leak, poor safety;Without access to records;Only one-way control.Button easy to damage, failure.
Order the keyboard type (the Numbers on the keyboard is not fixed, not automatically change) on a regular basis:
Advantages: easy to operate, no need to carry the card, a bit higher safety factor
Disadvantages: password easy to leak, high security or not;Without access to records;Only one-way control.The high cost.Button easy to damage, failure.

Card identification

Read card or card and password way to identify the access permissions, according to the card type is divided into:
Magnetic card,
Advantages: lower cost;One man, one card (+ password), safety is general, can be computer, have to open the door
Disadvantages: CARDS, equipment wear and tear, life is short;Card is easy to copy;Two-way control.Card information by external magnetic field loss, easy to make the card is invalid.
Rf card Advantages: CARDS, equipment out of contact, open the door convenient security;Life is long, the theoretical data for at least ten years;High safety, can the microcomputer, has opened the door to record;Can realize two-way control.
Disadvantages: high cost, ID/IC card has been cracked, safety coefficient reduced.[1]

By way of inspection personnel biometric identification in and out.Fingerprint type, refers to the vein, iris, face recognition.
Advantage: from the perspective of identification for security is very good;Do not need to carry a card

Disadvantages: high cost.High recognition rate is not high, the environmental requirement, the user demanding (such as a fingerprint can't scratch, not the eye red bleeding, face, fenghua or beard), use inconvenient (such as iris and facial recognition model, must have the installation height position, but the user's height is different)

It is worth noting that the average person believes biometric access system is safe, in fact this is a misunderstanding, entrance guard system safety is not only the security of recognition, also includes part of the safety control system, the safety of the software system, the safety of the communication system, power system security of the whole system as a whole, which do not pass, the whole system is not safe.Some fingerprint entrance guard system, for example, its controller and fingerprint identification devices are one and the same, want to install outdoors when installation, so that control lock switch line of Lou in the outside, it is easy to open.