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Door Access Control (Part 3)

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Application field

Intelligent building office company, intelligent community access control, access control in government offices, medical hospital system, telecom base station and substation power supply bureau......

1. The door in the application of intelligent building office company office:
Doors are installed on the door in the company can effectively prevent the foreign salesman to disturb the order of office in companies and also can effectively prevent foreign sundry to enter the company, ensure the safety of the company and employees property. Can display and improve the company's management level, improve the corporate image. Whether can effectively track the employee leave the job. Can form a complete set of the attendance management software, attendance, time clock, without having to buy attendance results more objective and fair, and fast and accurate statistics, can greatly reduce the work intensity and volume of the personnel department. Can effectively solve some after employee leaves his post for fear have to replace the door key. Is flexible and convenient to arrange anyone to each door access and open the door, just carry a card, do not need to wear lots of heavy key, and security is more reassuring than the key.

Leadership of the company's office door installed entrance guard system can guarantee the leadership office data and documents will not be others see the leak, can lead to a relatively safe and quiet intimate environment.

In the development of the technology department installed entrance guard system, can guarantee the core technical data are not outsiders to come in easily steal. Prevent other staff to development series hillock effect development work.

Install entrance guard system, in the financial sector can guarantee the security of property, and the safety of the company's financial information.In the production workshop gate installed entrance guard system, can effectively prevent the other person into the production workshop, avoid to cause potential safety hazard.

2. In the intelligent residential access control of application:

Generally in the gate, the gate, electric gate, unit of steel doors, fire doors, security doors installed entrance guard system. Can effectively prevent the sundry to enter the village, closed-end management of community effectively. Can change the small area public security relying on memory to judge whether an outsider of the inaccuracies of the rigorous management style. If it is a village owner, the new security guards to stop cause owner. If the foreign workers, wearing is very good, the security guard may think that is the owner and without question, that will also bring potential safety hazard. The entrance guard system of safety science and technology can improve the level of property management, better for developers to promote building. The owner will also benefit from the scientific and effective access management. Networking type of entrance guard is advantageous to the security monitor all gate in and out of the situation at any time, if there are accidents and cases can check in and out of the records provide evidence later.
Building intercom system and visual intercom.
Achieve one cartoon and internal consumption in the parking lot to the community management and so on.

3. Entrance guard application in government offices:
Can be effectively standardize the order of office, can prevent illegal personnel impact government offices, to protect the personal safety of the leadership.The application of the entrance guard system in medical hospital:

To prevent outsiders into the infected area and precision instrument room.
To prevent someone because emotional sterile occasions such as the bacteria into the operating room.
Impact of hospital management can prevent illegal groups, lest because emotional damage the public property and damage health workers and hospital leaders.

4. The application of access control in telecom base station and substation power supply bureau:
Telecom base station and substation power supply bureau has such characteristics: many base stations, large capacity requirements system. Distribution range is very wide, and even a few hundred square kilometers, has its own network to network, in some places is unattended, to the central dispatching room at any time the scene of the dynamic scheduling staff.
Implementation scheme is: the network entrance guard controller, through local area network or the Internet for remote management

5. Application of access control in intelligent elevator control:
Also known as entrance guard elevator, swipe the elevator, elevator IC card, only authorized users can: hall, according to the floor;Intelligent residential area has been more and more use of related equipment, specially designed for elevator control control circuit, the formation of proprietary elevator entrance guard control system.