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Door Access Control (Part 2)

- Mar 27, 2018 -


1.Offline working
2.RS485 network
3.TCP/IP network
To take off the model: single entrance guard control type, is to build a management a door, also can't see the record, directly controlled by the controller.Characteristic is cheap, simple installation and maintenance, can't check the record, the latest model entrance guard, can do card software end, permission information in user card directly, entrance guard infinite capacity is the number of users, and entrance guard can verify password, encryption methods varied, greatly strengthened the security of the IC card entrance guard.

Type 485 networking: is that you can access types of communication and computer, manage directly using the software, including control card and events.So there are convenient management, control of concentration, can look at the record, to analysis the records to be used for other purposes.Characteristic is price is quite high, installation and maintenance is increased, but the simple training, can undertake attendance and other value-added services.For many people and high liquidity, door engineering.

TCP/IP network, also known as Ethernet networking entrance guard, can also be connected to the entrance guard system, but the line through the network and the computer controller are connected to the Internet.In addition to the 485 entrance guard has all the advantages of the Internet, but also has faster, installation is more simple, more connected to the quantity is big, can across different region or city connected to the Internet.But there are equipment price is high, need to have the knowledge of computer network.Suitable for installation in a large project, one number, have requirements on speed, cross-regional project.

System composition

Folding door controller:The core part of the entrance guard system, equivalent to the computer's CPU, it is responsible for the whole system input, output, processing and storage of information, control, and so on.

Fold the card reader (identification):Read the card data (biometric information) of the equipment.

Folding electric control lock:

Door lock the door when you leave the execution of the components in the system.Users should according to the requirements on materials, go out needs to choose different locks.Basically has the following several types:
(1) electromagnetic lock: electromagnetic lock is to open the door, when the power is accordance with the requirements of the fire.And equipped with a variety of mounts for customers to use.This lock is suitable for one-way wooden door, glass door, fire door, electric door outside.
(2) anode lock: open type anode lock is blackout, conform to the requirements of the fire.It is installed on the top of the door frame.Unlike electromagnetic lock anode lock is suitable for both wooden door, glass door, fire door, and it itself with door magnetic detector, may at any time to detect the state of safety of the door.
(3) cathode lock: general type cathode lock open the door for electricity.For one-way wooden door.Install the cathode lock must be equipped with a UPS power supply.Because of power failure Yin lock is to lock the door.

IC and ID CARDS have two categories;IC class is relatively safe, card standard x86mm 54;There are all kinds of special-shaped key card.Can be printed on the card to the cardholder's personal photos, open the door card, too.

Fold other equipment
Push button: click to open the door equipment, suitable for go out unlimited.

Magnetic door: used to detect the state of safety/switch of door and so on.
Power supply: the power of the whole system equipment, divided into ordinary and back-up type (with battery) two kinds.
Glass broken button: general is in series electric lock loop inside, to prevent the entrance guard system of card reader, push button or an controller hardware failure personnel dozen don't open the door, locked in the room.The glass broken button at this time, the door will be opened.