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Components of access control equipment

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Access control devices include the following sections


Part of the identification unit of access control system, an important part of the identification and recognition of talent identification methods and types of role of traffic status, the main identification methods, identification methods, passwords, biometrics and the identification of class compounds.

Target recognition

Biometric technology

Fingerprints, palms, fundus, iris, veins, facial, voice, signature, gait, etc.

Personnel Code Identification

Normal keyboard, disorderly keyboard, barcode card, magnetic card, IC and inductive card

Project feature Recognition

Metals, magnetism, explosives, radiation and special chemicals

Identification of Project code

Barcode, ESA tag, two-dimensional code, etc.

Sensors and alarms

Sensors and alarm units include a variety of sensors, detectors, buttons and other equipment, and should take appropriate measures to prevent mechanical damage. Access control system is the most commonly used door and button, all of these devices using the switch output signal, access control system design can be a good door magnetic alarm signal and button signal encryption or conversion, such as converting to TTL level signal or digital signal. At the same time, access control equipment system can also monitor the following status alarm: Alarm, short circuit, open circuit, security, request exit, noise and interference, shielding equipment circuit, tamper State, can prevent the artificial switch alarm signal shielding and damage, to improve access control equipment system security. The access control system should also have the ability to detect real-time alarm lines (regardless of the system's state of equipment, protection status).