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Blind spot monitoring system

- May 09, 2018 -

Basic introduction 

And is there a car rearview mirror blind spot.When the car near or blind area in the car, the monitoring system will remind the driver by way of sound, light, etc.

The main reason why the blind spot monitoring system is a good thing, because it can reduce the possibility of collision accident let's drive time-varying channel.And is prone to crash a lane change, because the existence of the rearview mirror has a blind spot.When the other car in the blind area, we can't see it, at this point you may have to change lanes of traffic accidents will happen.Change lanes when driving, driving rain fog day rearview mirror when fuzzy, night is at the back of the head lights, anti will be applied.Main during a lane change is to avoid collision by blind area have a car, driving rain days and night was sway in the rearview mirror, more need, blind spot monitoring system to provide the auxiliary function, prevent the happening of the risk.

The basic principle

Through after the car insurance check two 24 GHZ radar sensors installed in the bar, the vehicle speed
Real-time to more than 10 km/H, automatic start around 3 meters behind the 8 m range, signal detection and microwave, analyze the reflected microwave signal processing system, is behind the vehicle distance, speed and direction information, such as through the system algorithm, excluding fixed object and away from the object, when detected near the blind area in the car, the indicator light flashing, at this time the driver can't see the vehicle in the blind area, but also can know the rear coming vehicles by light, change lanes are in danger of collision, if the driver did not notice the light is still flashing, the turn signal, prepared to change lanes, then system will beep beep voice alarm, once again remind the driver is in danger, a lane change at this time should not change lanes.Through the whole process of driving, uninterrupted detection and warning, prevent because of bad weather during the process of driving, the driver negligence, rearview mirror blind spot, newbie on the road and other potential hazards and cause traffic accidents.