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Automatic door motor 2

- Mar 23, 2018 -

The working principle of
(1) the foot pedal: equipped with a pressure switch under the pedal.
(2) optical beam: near the door set beam transmitting device and photoelectric sensing device.
(3) button: by hand in a similar switch button makes the doors open.Automatic door to slide, hinge, or folding methods such as opening and closing doors.In order to guard against theft, it must be equipped with special equipment at the same time, such as family with automatic door will need to furnish bearer identification equipment or TV monitor, etc., strictly limited to family outside of the staff.Automatic doors in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, airports, railway stations, Banks, etc has been widely used.

By a variety of signal control automatic opening and closing, and running devices, sensors and the floorboard of the door body parts.(induction telescopic door see outside the gate.

1, points: the form of the opening and closing can be divided into overlapping sliding door, open the door, door, folding door, arc doors and the revolving door.

(1) the sliding door: can be subdivided into single open, double open, overlapping and overlapping double opened arc door open.Arc door door leaf along a solitary form a smooth move, can be divided into half arc one-way two-way, the whole arc, half arc.For maximum broaden the entrance rate, some push and pull (nested) automatic door can be done in the open end and fixed overlap after a manual flat open, also summarized as push-pull automatic door.
(2) the revolving door, can be subdivided into center shaft, circular guide hanging and display type, etc.
(3) flat door: one-way, can be subdivided into single two-way and one-way, single fan two-way.
(4) the folding door, can be subdivided into 2 fold and 4 fold.
(5) emergency evacuation automatic door: activities and fixed fan can turn 90 degrees.
(6) overlap gate: can be divided into the belt postern page automatic door automatic doors and small side has no fixed page overlap
(7) arc gate: separable segment, half round, full circle, can the belt portal page, page can also have no fixed door, arc degree can be set according to the specific case design, application is very flexible, you can also apply different radians, constructs the beautiful changing the geometry of the body, therefore, the use of Caesar arc door will more and more widely.