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24GHZ radar sensor

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Radar sensor

It can pass to transmit and receive frequency
RFbeam 24 GHZ radar sensor About 24.125 GHz microwave induction to the object

Still exists, the speed, distance, the object of Angle, etc., by adopting the technology of planar microstrip antenna, has small volume. High degree of integration. Induction sensitivity, etc.24 GHZ radar sensor is a kind of microwave echo signal can be converted into an electrical signal changing device, is of radar level meter, auxiliary cruise vehicle ACC system, automatic door sensors, such as the core chip.


Traffic monitoring
A: traffic monitoring: traffic flow, vehicle classification, speed monitoring (police radar)
B: distance measurement: parking assistance, start-stop cruise, ACC blind spot detection, anti-collision control, lane change auxiliary system
Use: C: train railway obstacle detection, monitoring platform, shunting help, speed test
D: railway vehicles: navigation
F: intelligent driving
Object detection
Intelligent lighting microwave induction switch
A: open the door device
B: sanitation: faucet, urinal
C: internal and external intrusion alarm, security management
D: intelligent lighting

E: counting device

Application of
A: running, skiing, surfing and so on movement range and speed
24 GHZ radar sensor
B: the ball speed
Industrial application:
A: level measurement

B the velocity measurement
C mud density measurement
D conveyor belt monitoring
E robot