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Tread Induction Switch

Tread Induction Switch

CHARACTER Active infrared ray of modulation-demodulation controlled by microcomputer Keep the clean environment without hand touch pollution

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219T  Tread induction switch




Widely used  in the operating room of hospital and laboratory. Featured with user-friendly control and preventing the hand pollution.




Action timeRelay output45ms

Supervisory signal4.5Ma

Power input12----36V  AC/DC

Power consumption82mA



Shenzhen Winfor canbo Technology Co.,ltd,is a professional factory engaged in research and manufacture of auto door control and access&attendance products.We have rich experience in development of automatic door controlling system and product application on the market. “Canbo”(CANBO) series automatic door controlling products are widely used in auto door control system,business/office building access control  and attendance checking systems, bank management system and medical purification control system.


Our advantage:

11 years door sensor,switch and intelligence lock factory

We do everything ourselves keep the quality and delivery time.

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According to the characteristics of the clean room, it includes the following subsystems: (1), the maintenance of the structure (timber does not produce dust dust, scrub); (2), and send back, purifying the exhaust system; (3), water supply and drainage system; (4) and the power system; (5) weak, automatic control system. Only the normal operation of each system can ensure the normal operation of the cleaning room. It is very important to maintain a strong professional quality, and it is very important to establish a professional organization for maintenance and maintenance.

1. Establish a long-term stable maintenance group

A conditional hospital can form its own maintenance team, participating in the construction process of the clean room, especially in the process of debugging and testing. We can have a deeper understanding of the system's principles, system composition and control methods, so that we can quickly adapt to the role.

Now have a professional maintenance enterprise specializing in the clean room maintenance work, no conditions, they can be entrusted to hospital for maintenance of the clean room, to ensure the normal operation of cleaning room.

2. To set up a perfect working procedure

The hospital clean room is an important department of the hospital (the probability of cross contamination is large). We must control well. We must work out strict work procedures, divide the maintenance procedures in days, weeks, months, seasons and years, and make good records for future reference.

Fresh air filter problem of the clean room air is the guarantee system of personnel and maintain normal breathing room pressure, the design did not pay attention to, mainly is the replacement of the filter is not easy, this problem should be reasonably arranged according to the actual situation, the purpose is to remove the replacement is very convenient. To ensure the supply of fresh air in the clean room.

3. Emergency guarantee

Now the technology has developed rapidly, the level of automation equipment is very high, some of the control system should increase the manual switching bypass for emergencies, such as: UPS, EPS, frequency converter etc..

Hospital clean room is the main component of modern hospital, and it is easy to produce cross infection area. We must use well and manage well, so as to ensure the physical and mental health of patients and medical staff. Build our green environmental hospital.

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