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Automatic Door WIFI Access Switch

Automatic Door WIFI Access Switch

APPLICATION Can replace the door access button, can also be used as an easy access control installed in the door, when the door opens with a mobile phone, go out, can be opened by panels or mobile phones

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253   Automatic door WIFI Access switch



Hand pressure and mobile phone APP double trigger open door way, through APP can realize remote door opening. It adopts 86 panel display design, and the whole panel has no dead angle press mode. The panel adopts laser engraving technology, with backlit screen display, fashionable and sophisticated.

The first user must be the manager




Current input: AC/DC 12—24V

Standby current:85mA(12VDC)

Action current:115mA(12VDC)

Out put last time:1s

Press method: short press open the door and above 5s press enter pair model


DIMENSION86 (L) * 86 (W) * 14 (H) mm


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1.Q:How to get samples?      

   A:If you need to order sample, please kindly arrange sample payment.

 if you have an courier account, we will delivery directly using your courier account.

If not, then we will use our forwarder.


2.Q:How much is the freight cost? 

    A: It depends on the quantity, weight, carton size and your area.

3.Q:How can i get your price list? 
    A:Please leave your contact way such as Email/MSN/Skype/Tradmanager to us.

we will contact to you, and pass our quoation sheet to you asap

4.Q:Can we have our logo or company name to be printed

on your products or the package?  
    A:Yes,you can. welcome to print your logo/company on product or packaging.

MOQ for logo/company imprint is 1000pcs. for packaging is 1000pcs.


5.Q: What's your usual payment term for orders?   
    A:We accept terms of T/T /Westunion/Paypal

6.Q: What's the warranty time?
    A:1 year warranty.


7.Q: What is the service after the warranty time?
    A:All life technology support. But for the replacement or repair, they are not free.


8.Q: What kind of Logistics do you use?

    A: We use  transportation: such as DHL, UPS, TNT etc,

and we have our own well co-operated logistics, so we can deliver your goods in priority. 


Latest news:

The first:

An infrared sensor can monitor the infrared ray in the monitoring range (the temperature of the human body is higher than the normal temperature, so the infrared radiation is outward), then the sensor will return a pulse signal to turn on or turn off the switch, so that we can achieve the purpose of the switch door.

When the induction detector detects a person entering, the pulse signal is transmitted to the main controller. The main controller determines the motor running after the judgement, and monitors the motor revolution at the same time, so as to notify the motor to add force and enter slow motion at a certain time. After a certain running current, the motor performs the forward operation, transfers the power to the synchronous belt, then transfers the power to the spreader system by the synchronous belt, and opens the door leaf. After opening the door, the controller makes a judgement. If we need to close the door, we will notify the motor to reverse movement and close the door leaf.

Second kinds:

There is a carpet in front of the door, and a wire under the carpet is connected to the power supply. When people go to the carpet for a stop, the weight of the carpet increases, so the power is connected and the door is opened. When people enter, the weight on the carpet is reduced, the power is broken, and after a few seconds, the door automatically closes.

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