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Auto-door Switch For Disabled

Auto-door Switch For Disabled

CHARACTER Stainless steel panel design,easy operation with key to choose different functions including:Emergency opening,Automatic and Full lock.

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209  Auto-door switch for disable

OEM and ODM are support 



Suitable  for  automatic door of disable-person washroom or washroom  management of building. Be used as  start  switch installing  at washroom entrance and exit . There are 3 working functions by operating the control key: Automatic ,emergency opening  and lock .




Input voltageAC/DC 12----36V


InputRelay contact



Panel size:160*120*15mm

Controller size:145*57*38mm

 Providing all kinds of matching services to many large scale domestic automatic door manufacturers.With the characteristic of advanced technology,excellent quality and exquisite technics, our products have rather high cost performance and strong market competitiveness.Pursuing for practical product applicability is the unremitting striving direction and also the enterprise mission of Winfor’s staff.


Our advantage:

Reserch,design,production and sales all in one.

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1.Q:How to get samples?      

   A:If you need to order sample, please kindly arrange sample payment.

 if you have an courier account, we will delivery directly using your courier account.

If not, then we will use our forwarder.


2.Q: What's your usual payment term for orders?   
    A:We accept terms of T/T or Paypal

3.Q: What's the warranty time?
    A:1 year warranty after you install them.


4.Q: What is the service after the warranty time?
    A:All life technology support. But for the replacement or repair, they are not free.

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