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Numeric Keypad Access Control

Numeric Keypad Access Control

numeric keypad access control is in the field of intelligent buildings, meaning the Access Control System, hereinafter referred to as the ACS.Refers to the "door" forbidden permissions, is alert to guard against the "door".Here the "door", broadly, including the ability to pass a variety of channels, including people through the door, the door of the vehicle traffic, etc.Therefore, access control, including the vehicle entrance guard.In yard management applications, vehicle access control is an important means of vehicle management, not for the purpose of parking charges, main is to manage the vehicle access permissions.

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The overall characteristic

  1. Security, Like all technologies, a new system security more and more mature.

  2. Entrance guard system integration capabilities。

  3. The openness of the system
    Realize the entrance guard system outside of a variety of applications including electronic payment parking lot management, computer desktop login system, elevator control, such as application, and through the open door structure, realize seamless upgrade, provide different upgrade option for the future.

  4. Mobile application of entrance guard system will increase, and extended to other applications

numeric keypad access control

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