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Wireless Access Keypad

Wireless Access Keypad

CHARACTER Microcomputer system, password keep safe and reliable.Transmitting distance is far and stable, and the code switch is adopted for the code, so that the user can automatically pair and setting. especially the sleep wake power saving mode, usually almost no power consumption, long battery life (close to a year).password setting and change operation is very convenient, ad hoc system initialization function, in order to forget the password for system updates, restore factory settings.

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206H  wireless access keypad



Wireless transmission is used in conjunction with the wireless receiver to realize the access control function of reading card and password access. There are two types of wireless control and maintenance type wireless control, which are convenient for various gating functions. No wiring,directly pasted (or screw fixed) in various walls, such as glass,marble, very convenient installation, easy reading card, password entry access management. Can be used to control the automatic door, spring lock doors and various electric gate.



Wireless read card password disk power supply: 7, 2 (1.5V)

Dry battery standby current: 28 μA

Action current: 38mA

Storage capacity: 1000 standard user (ID card) output time: 1S-10S adjustable

User card type: 125KHZ or EM EM compatible card

Open password: 1 Public passwords

The wireless receiver power supply: AC/DC12 ~ 36V

Card reading distance: 10 ~ 70 (mm)

Battery life: 6 months (less than 100 times every day) radio frequency: 315MHZ


DIMENSION113 (L) * 63 (W) * 20 (H) (mm) (wireless cryptography)

123 (L) * 50 (W) x 32 (H) (mm) (receiver)


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Latest news

Failure phenomenon 1, in the independent access control system, the card or password can open the door, the internal switch can not open the door. Judgement and solution: open out switch, usually only 2 screws, check the wiring behind is normal, such as off disconnection or wiring, OK connected, if the system is used in the special power supply control, but also to check the access power supply quality, independent access control machine of course may also be a problem, one by one the investigation can be solved. Failure phenomenon 

2, QK series network access control controller, in the use of the use of cards can not open the door, but the button can open the door. Judgement and solution: open access management software, view real-time events, observation pass up what the data suggest that generally invalid card number or invalid timezone, download card data or synchronization time can solve the problem, the key to find out why such a problem, there are artificial adjustment time or not change the settings observation on OK

The above is a common failure of access control system. As long as you know, the basic problems can be solved by themselves: common faults and troubleshooting 1. Why can't we open the door after credit card? Inspection card is registered? This time the permissions are set correctly? Check the connection cable and the read controller card lock, right? The credit card, check whether the relay output action? Check the controller of the time is correct? It can check the door, the door open button state is set correctly? Check, read by the reader, and the lock button is correct; 2, why not controller online? (232/485) inspection RS485/232 power converter is? Check the jumper cap of the 458/232 controller is correct?

Whether the check between the controller and the RS485/232 converter is a distance of more than 1200m? The check of PC and RS485/232 converter from more than 60M? The check controller, RS485/232 converter, PC machine connection is correct? It can check the same PC machine whether access to multiple types of this controller? Check whether the communication cable, shielded cable or communication cable diameter is too small? Check the serial port of PC, whether bad or serial loop correctly? 3, power off and then power card can't open the door? A button on the controller to check whether the battery is too low? Whether the memory controller in time and computer time? Check the controller and the reader is in working condition? 4. Why can't the card reader read the card in the state of the electrified state? To confirm whether the type of card type card reader support? The card reader is abnormal or fault? The card to confirm whether there are quality problems? 5, if the communication is not stable, sometimes can Unicom, sometimes not inspection communication terminal of the screw is tightened? Metal thread check outside of the terminal is too long due to occasional short? The controller checks whether the number of more than 485 converter load? Check the line of communication distance is too long? If you are using the TCP/IP access controller, please check whether the IP address and the IP address of the same LAN segments. Local area network equipment and the line is normal. If a firewall limit the communication; 6, after installing the two-way door lock, door has been unable to close the lock installed back door switch is not normal, the most one problem, however, the real reason is not the problem of lock (perhaps a few people, most of the installation errors) are originated from the door spring quality. Use for a long time, the door can not be reset and the door return speed slowed, are serious door sagging days after emerging problems. Therefore, when the electronic control lock is installed, the problem emerges. Solution: for a high quality spring is fixed; or the opening direction to one-way open inwards or outwards, pushed open the door. 7, in the real-time monitoring of the reader read data is incorrect or sometimes no 1 data transmission line inspection card reader is connected with the controller of DATA0 and DATA1 is reversed, select the correct wiring; and between the card reader and control the distance too far beyond the 26 dimensional data transmission (less than 60 meters the distance between the reading card) to shorten the device and the control of the distance, or to the reader to take the field power supply way. 8, computer and controller to communicate inspection controller is switched on; the communication port is checked with the actual wiring port; the controller jumper settings (RS232 or RS485) is consistent with the actual use of communication; the internal communication line between the controller and the computer is connected; the communication distance is too far, more than effective distance. 9, employees have the credit card records, but not the employee attendance card time is in attendance on the attendance set period of time; and this staff group set in attendance attendance week day setting time and early time set to the same point in time

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