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Fingerprint Access Controller

Fingerprint Access Controller

APPLICATION Special rules of attendance for factories and offices; support passwords, swipe cards, fingerprints, or any combination of the three

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208M  Fingerprint access controller

11 years experiences, 1 year warranty and all life technology support

OEM support



The attendance record volume (article): 130 thousand:

2.4 - inch color screen display

Language:Chinese/English/simplified traditional Chinese

Communication mode: RS485, USB, U disk, TCP/IP

Inductive fingerprint collector:when the finger is close, it will start the collector. button backlight controlled:Turn off the button backlight when standby.

Standby automatically adjust the TFT backlight, save power and extend the life of TFT.



Power Supply: 12V DC

Standby current: 100mA

Working current: 400 mA

Ambient humidity 20%~60%

Ambient temperature: 0 degrees ~45 degrees centigrade

Working mode: offline, online - Identification: fingerprint and ID card (IC extension), the combination of fingerprint, password, induction card + password + fingerprint

The fingerprint recognition time: <1.5S

False Rejection Rate: < 0.01%

False acceptance rate: 0.0001%

Total capacity fingerprint + password + card (gold): 3000




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Latest news:

A fingerprint attendance system is mainly composed of fingerprint attendance machine and attendance software. The user fingerprint identification fingerprint attendance machine, accurate records of employees to duty and leave, the attendance software, the administrator can manage the fingerprint records and attendance records and other data, and set the relevant parameters.

Compared with the traditional way of attendance fingerprint attendance system, have advantages in efficiency and security, biometric fingerprint attendance recognition to each employee accurately, but also to replace punch phenomenon can play a better inhibitory effect, help to regulate the attendance order and create a good environment to protect the community safety attendance.

Fingerprint check-in

Identify the staff number of the operator in real time and write it into the backstage database with the current time.

Automatically judge whether it has been in a short time, if you have taken the time to take a prompt;

Employees who have no fingerprint data can use the employee number and password to check the attendance.

Fingerprint registration

In order to register the fingerprints for the staff, the staff can register up to three per employee.

Registration after comparison, see whether the registration is successful, and whether it can be correctly identified, if the error, can be re logged in.

Delete the invalidated fingerprints:

Registration of attendance code for non fingerprint employees.

Basic information management

Set up the use unit and register for the official user:

Set the operator (the default password of the new operator is 707) and its permissions:

Set up department code and department name;

The general code and name of the management are set up, such as job, duty, grade and so on.

Staff data management

Employee entry and change registration:

Inquire and count the staff in each department;

Employee turnover registration; inquire and delete their employees;

Print personnel daily: print personnel monthly report;

Attendance management

Setting up attendance rules;

Set shift name and shift class.

Set the name of the work holiday and the date of the holiday.

Set up the type and date of leave for personal vacation.

Set up employees' overtime categories and dates;

Set up staff shift;

Set up attendance staff and date;

The daily attendance statistics and summary;

Monthly attendance statistics;

Print the original attendance record.

Classification of attendance equipment

At present, the main stream of the attendance equipment is divided into the following categories:

One: fingerprint attendance. This is the most widely used way at present. The advantage lies in the recognition effect is good and the speed is fast, but there are some people unable to use.

Two: ID card attendance. At present, many customers are using ID card to check attendance, the benefits are very fast, and can form a card mode in the company, but it exists in the phenomenon of employee card punching.

Three: Card: card clock is the clock attendance attendance equipment industry's most original equipment, statistical advantage is convenient, without a computer, but in the purchase card consumables cost.

Four: face recognition attendance machine: at present, this device is also popularized in the past two years, the uniqueness of the identification of benefits, but it exists in the restrictions on the use environment, and it can not be used in outdoor high illumination areas, and can not be used outdoors.

Five: iris recognition: at present, iris recognition equipment is mainly produced by manufacturers in Korea and the United States. At present, there are fewer iris manufacturers in China. The cost of such equipment is too high and is rarely used in places with higher levels of non security requirements.

Six: finger vein recognition: the way used to identify the vein of human body can completely eliminate the false fingers. It belongs to the device of live verification. Now it is mostly produced by Japanese manufacturers, and there are some individual factories in China. But the speed of equipment recognition is slow, and it is not suitable for large scale people.

Seven: camera attendance: smart RF (MF1 card) and perfect combination of camera technology, built-in camera can be in attendance on the credit card and credit card for photo archive, let the generation of punch scares.

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