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Bad Debt Controller

Bad Debt Controller

CHARACTER Once the project completed, it can be demolished and reused several times Microcomputer design, with storage units inside, with power down memory. A single key remote control is used to complete the gate operation and terminate or restart the operation.

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222  Project bad debt controller

11 years experiences, 1 year warranty and all life technology support

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Can be used to close ad hoc projects, large capacity,normally open,normally closed dry contact output, effective use of period can be flexible and convenient to control all kinds of engineering equipment gated, remote termination can also  restart the remote control engineering equipment to help with the collection.




Supply voltage: AC/DC 12-36V

Control contact: normally open, normally closed, and public point


DIMENSION: 122*50*32mm


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1.Q:How to get samples?      

   A:If you need to order sample, please kindly arrange sample payment.

 if you have an courier account, we will delivery directly using your courier account.

If not, then we will use our forwarder.


2.Q:How much is the freight cost? 

    A: It depends on the quantity, weight, carton size and your area.

3.Q:How can i get your price list? 
    A:Please leave your contact way such as Email/MSN/Skype/Tradmanager to us.

we will contact to you, and pass our quoation sheet to you asap

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5.Q: What's your usual payment term for orders?   
    A:We accept terms of T/T /Westunion/Paypal

6.Q: What's the warranty time?
    A:1 year warranty.


7.Q: What is the service after the warranty time?
    A:All life technology support. But for the replacement or repair, they are not free.


8.Q: What kind of Logistics do you use?

    A: We use  transportation: such as DHL, UPS, TNT etc,

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Latest news:

Difficulty in recovery of project funds

Under the condition of socialist market economy, enterprises "do a project, a brand tree, make friends, one of the market, have put forward higher requirements on the leadership of each project department, to foster good relations with the party, the owners, supervision and other aspects of the project, the project manager to do carefully. More carefully to the project owners, for fear of offending the party. At the present stage, the engineering works need to be approved by one department or one department. No one can sign the project, so that the construction unit can not offend anyone of the first party or the owner, which will lead to the difficulty in the recovery of the project.

At the present stage, the recovery of project funds is difficult, which has caused the funds of enterprises to be extremely nervous, and the risk of capital is increasing. Because the project recovery difficult, resulting in wages can not be paid on a monthly basis, the leased equipment to pay rental fees, should be submitted after the completion of construction output value of the management fees are not paid, employees should pay "four gold" is long overdue. The fund risk of the contractor brings the risk of the Contractor's capital, and the Contractor's capital risk brings the subcontractor a serious financial risk. The integrity of the enterprise and the reputation of the enterprise are all difficult to cause inestimable losses due to the recovery of the project funds.

Reflection on the recovery of project funds

The construction contract signed by a construction company after the bidding is essentially the extension of the law and the "law" under the laws and regulations. For contemporary China, which vigorously develops the socialist market economy, the importance of contracts for the creation of social wealth and the stability of trading order is self-evident. According to the eighth article of the contract law of China, the contract which is established according to law has legal effect on both parties. The parties should fulfill their obligations in accordance with the agreement, and can not alter or dissolve the contract without authorization. " If the employer fails to fulfill his obligations in accordance with the contract, after the completion of the project settlement, the project payment can not be paid in time, resulting in long-term arrears in the project. In accordance with the 107th provision of the contract law, "if a party fails to fulfill his contractual obligations and fulfil his contractual obligations, he shall be liable for breach of contract." At the same time, the 121st article stipulates that "one party that causes breach of contract for the reasons of the third party shall bear the responsibility for breach of contract with the other party." In this regard, we should seriously think about the problem of Engineering money recovery.

1. set up an office to increase the recovery of project funds

The construction of a strong management ability, the excellent management personnel to meet the needs of the market economy and the management means in line with the requirements of the modern enterprise system. Change projects recycling bombarded projects, the establishment of cuiyao projects office, from the person responsible for the project work cuiyao, formulate preferential policies to implement certain incentives for projects bombarded with active personnel, increase the recovery efforts for projects.

2. strengthen emotional connection and strive to recover more project money

For a long time for payment in arrears of the employer or contractor, companies are looking for with the employer or contractor closely related personnel, and strengthen the employer or contractor relationships, win the employer and the Contractor's understanding and support for key employer or contractor of the finance department staff to contact, contact, communication and understanding of the employer or contractor of the economic situation, and strive to recycle more projects.

3. managers should change their ideas to meet new market challenges

The face of the construction market irregularities, profound changes in the policy conditions, system environment, in the face of new trends, the construction market of new requirements, to enhance the awareness of innovation, in the works of recovery, daring to dare to try to practice, learn to act in accordance with the laws of the market, to solve the contradictions and problems of projects recycling market approach, the difficulties of for the opportunity, pressure as a driving force.

4. to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise according to law and to recover the project funds according to law

The market economy is a legal economy. As the main body of the market, the enterprise is the primary object of the legal norm of the market. Under the guidance of law, the enterprise tree image and credit, and seek survival and development under the protection of the law. Therefore, in the recovery of Engineering funds, we must safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in accordance with law, and recover the project funds according to law.

Under the condition of market economy, the possibility of the occurrence of economic disputes is a risk to the enterprise. The ways of dealing with economic disputes include negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. Long overdue for the project of the enterprise, we must take these four ways to recover the money, one is between the two sides through consultation, mutual communication and negotiation to seek consensus, to resolve contradictions in the way of cooperation projects to solve the recovery problem, this is the first step of our recovery projects taken by two is mediation. Both voluntary the dispute by the third party, or a party to entrust the third party to intercede, ascertaining the facts in the third party under the help of clear things, eliminate barriers, to reach an understanding, so that the parties voluntarily accept third party dispute solution proposal. This is our second step recovery projects taken by the three arbitration, both the dispute will be submitted to arbitration, make a legally binding and enforceable award by the arbitration institution in accordance with the arbitration procedure, this is our third step recovery projects taken by four is the lawsuit of long-term arrears. Again

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