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Stanley Motion Sensor

Stanley Motion Sensor

microwave doppler sensor will not be affected by temperature, air flow, the influence of dust and smoke.

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stanley motion sensor

microwave doppler sensor

24.125 GHz microwave sensor design technology;
Can identify pedestrian right direction;
Can be the difference between pedestrians and vehicles, can control different door;
You can adjust the time to maintain the output signal;
Easy to adjust the microwave induction sensor, can adapt to different applications;

Any wave reflection characteristics, meets the obstacle when waves of a certain frequency, there will be a part of the wave is reflected back, if the obstacle is stationary, the wavelength of reflected wave is constant, if the obstacle is to the waves, the reflection wavelength is shorter than the wavelength of waves, if the obstacle is to stay away from the waves in the direction of the movement, the wavelength of reflected wave is longer than the wavelength of waves, the change of wavelength, means that the change of frequency.It is through the change of the reflection wave microwave induction know a movement toward or away from the object.

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