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Special Room Automatic Door Switch

Special Room Automatic Door Switch

CHARACTER The automatic switch controller for the special purpose room is provided with a large panel key set, and is provided with Braille, Chinese and English display, with speech and lamp hints, which is suitable for each Species usage. Inside and outside each panel, adopts the net line connection way, simple and convenient. This product has the maximum use time to time reminder function. Stainless steel panel design, easy operation with key to choose different functions including: Emergency opening, Automatic and Full lock.

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238 Special room automatic door switch




Mainly used to limit the number of occasions

Such as: mother and baby room, private toilets, bathrooms and other limited number of occasions




Input voltageAC/DC 12-------36V


InputRelay contact



Panel Size245*84*12mm

Controller size145*57*38mm




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2.Q:How much is the freight cost? 

    A: It depends on the quantity, weight, carton size and your area.

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    A:We accept terms of T/T /Westunion/Paypal

6.Q: What's the warranty time?
    A:1 year warranty.


7.Q: What is the service after the warranty time?
    A:All life technology support. But for the replacement or repair, they are not free.


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    A: We use  transportation: such as DHL, UPS, TNT etc,

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Latest news

Guide for the induction translational automatic door installation 1, when installing the aluminum alloy box cross beam, please be careful to keep it at a standstill level. The error is 1mm. If it doesn't level, it will lead to the phenomenon that the door body does not obey the force when it is walking, so that the mechanical life will be reduced. 2, the installation of the hanger of the door body: install the hanger device to the specified position on the door body by hanging the bolt assembly with the attached door body. * when installing, the center of the pulley of the hanger should be in parallel to the body, if not, it will shorten the life of the pulley. The pulley of the hanger device is hung on the power beam. * do not hurt other parts and guideway in the power beam during installation, otherwise it will form part defects or pulley life, noise, abnormal sound and so on. 3, the installation of the limit device: to unscrew the installation bolts of the limiter. The limiter device is determined to be embedded in the guide rail of the power beam. First, move the door body to determine the opening and closing of the door body, and then determine the position of the limiting device. * when setting the position of the limiter device, the hanger should be discontinued after the padding of the limiter. Document 4. A six angle wrench really tightens the fixed installation bolt. 4, the height of the door and the adjustment of the cracks:. The screw nut for the fixed hanger is loosened. Adjust the safety adjustment of the bolt. Tighten the nut for the fixed hanger. Confirm the resistance when walking. There is no confirmation of mobile heavy phenomenon, and there is no friction sound, if there are problems please confirm the following items: * vertical hanging can fixed on the door body hanging device can have * friction - door fan and highly popular confrontation in the 10mm can * the friction between the door body and the door frame and the power beam. The crack between the movable fan and the fixed fan is 5mm. 5, the adjustment of the tension of the belt:. Pull the tensioning wheel to the left, make the belt tense and tighten, then tighten the four plate bolts. Four convalescent fixed bolts are loosened and the tension adjustment bolt is changed along clockwise, and the tension of the belt is adjusted. Tightening up the installation of four fixed bolt 6 and ground wheel, and the center position of the ground wheel at the time of installation is 5mm on the basis of half the width of the door body. (the premise is that there are slideways in the bottom of the moving fan. If there is no slide way, it should be directly considered as the packing plate. The space distance between them should be considered according to the theory.) after installation, please ensure that the cracks on the door body are like above and below, so as not to damage the wheels in long time. 7, control system adjustment: (in normal circumstances, do not adjust to meet the factory set well). Before adjusting, please push the door door fan several times to ensure that the door can be lubricated switch. Set the left and right switching switches and set the left or right according to the door opening tendency. When the double door is open, the switch is set to the right. Setting the induction method, when the switch is on the right side, for the first induction method, on the left side, the two time induction method. The door is in shape after the blockade, open the power switch. To adjust the knob on the box: the premise is to press the test button of the box and adjust the various items at the switch door. The adjustment of the starting strength: the strength ensures the free switch of the door. Adjust the opening speed and the opening buffer distance: A, confirm whether the door opening speed can be in the middle to ease the distance of punching distance, whether it can be set in the middle (at factory time) B, adjust the opening buffer distance, and set it between 10 and 20 centimeters. C, adjust the door opening speed, confirm the door opening speed, adjust the opening of the buffer distance. * caution: (1) when the electronic lock is used, please use the test button after unlocking. (2) please adjust it without pedestrians around the confirmation door to avoid the injury. (3) do not change the knob greatly when adjusting, which will form the breakage of the door. Adjust the buffer speed: adjust it to make no larger impact when it is closed.

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