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Safety Thru Beam Sensor

Safety Thru Beam Sensor

This is the core of the safety thru beam sensor.It is presented by using the infrared radiation and matter interaction of the physical effects of the infrared radiation detection sensors, in most cases is to use the electronic effect of this interaction are presented.This kind of detector can be divided into two large, photon detector and thermal sensitive detector type.

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Safety thru beam sensor


1.Design of integral surface cover, dapper appearance dampproof,dustproof .Easy installing,available for connecting

 with autodoor and rotating door.

2.Detection range from 0~80cm can be adjusted  flexibly according to different occasion.

3.Low-power  consumption  for  long  service life.

4.Transmitter and receiver are a common body can be installed in one side. 

5.It can prevent human, children and small pets crush event effectively.

6.Perceive the lower part of the 800 mm in the vicinity of the personnel and pet and issue the relay contact signal timely.

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Using the infrared radiation heating, the probe of absorb radiant energy caused by temperature sensitive element, and then makes some relevant physical parameters change, by measuring the change of physical parameters to determine the infrared radiation received by the detector.

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