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Entry Door Sensor

Entry Door Sensor

The physical properties of the infrared sensor to measure.Infrared, also known as infrared light, it has the reflection, refraction, scattering, interference, such as absorption properties.Any matter, as long as it itself has a certain temperature (above absolute zero), infrared radiation.Infrared sensor is not in direct contact with the object to be tested, so there is no friction, and has a high sensitivity, fast response, etc.

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Infrared sensor is the use of infrared for data processing of a sensor, with advantages of high sensitivity, infrared sensors can control the operation of the drive.

Infrared sensors used in non-contact temperature measurement, gas composition analysis and nondestructive flaw detection, in the medical, military, space technology and environmental engineering in areas such as widely used.For example of the human body surface temperature measurement by infrared remote sensor hot like figure, can be found that the temperature anomaly area.

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