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Automatic Sliding Door Sensor

Automatic Sliding Door Sensor

Infrared radiation is the essence of thermal radiation.Rectilinear propagation in space, in the form of wave traveling at the speed of light in vacuum when the temperature is below 1000 ℃, outward radiation is no longer visible, but when infrared infrared ray through the atmosphere, high transmittance, there are three band Μ 2 ~ 2.6 M, 3 ~ 5 and 8 ~ 14 Μ Μ M M.

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Automatic sliding door sensor

Detection Height Adjustment:

1. Installed the infrared presence detector..

2.Adjust the  detection of infrared ray to the ground position and get energized

3.Adjust the maximum detection height by the screw ( height adjustment as below)

   clockwise. LED indicator urns red.The detection heigh has reached the ground.

4.Adjust the screw(height adjustment as below) counterclockwise. LED indicator

turns blue.The backgroud has been rejected.

5.In order to ensure the reliability of background rejection, fine-tuning the screw

   counterclockwise. Till the detection  object is 200mm far from the groud.

6. Infrared presence detector works effectively .

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