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Automatic Door Sensor

  • Home Security Devices
    Home Security Devices
    Electrical control adopts high voltage low voltage control method, that is safe and smart, can use the remote control, timing, and so on the many kinds of intelligent control method for the water dispenser in the home, plug, air conditioning, floor...
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  • Smart Lock For Entrance Door System
    Smart Lock For Entrance Door System
    Intelligent management control refers to the residence as a platform, building and construction, network communication, information appliances, automation equipment, system, structure, service, management as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe,...
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  • Door Lock Attendance System
    Door Lock Attendance System
    Smart home (home automation) is a residential as a platform, using the integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the household life related...
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  • BEA Motion Sensor
    BEA Motion Sensor
    The detection angle of scanning can be adjusted by mounting bracket accurately.
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  • Biometric Door Lock
    Biometric Door Lock
    smart door locks is the combined of electronic technology and integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative recognition technology (including the computer network technology, the built-in software...
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  • Electronic Combination Lock
    Electronic Combination Lock
    Electronic combination lock is a password or to control circuit (access control system), so as to control mechanical switches closed, lock, lock task of electronic products. It's a lot of more phyletic, has simple circuit products, also has a high...
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  • Entry Door Sensor
    Entry Door Sensor
    The physical properties of the infrared sensor to measure.Infrared, also known as infrared light, it has the reflection, refraction, scattering, interference, such as absorption properties.Any matter, as long as it itself has a certain temperature (above...
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  • 433mhz Infrared Motion Sensor
    433mhz Infrared Motion Sensor
    To detect the signal amplifying, filtering, and extract the information from these signals.And then converted to the required format of such information, and finally to control equipment or display.
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  • Microwave Doppler Sensor
    Microwave Doppler Sensor
    microwave doppler sensor 24.125 GHz microwave sensor design technology; Can identify pedestrian right direction; Can be the difference between pedestrians and vehicles, can control different door; You can adjust the time to maintain the output signal; Easy...
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  • Stanley Motion Sensor
    Stanley Motion Sensor
    microwave doppler sensor will not be affected by temperature, air flow, the influence of dust and smoke.
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  • Smart Lock For Home Appliances
    Smart Lock For Home Appliances
    Application Electricity mortise lock is commonly used in glass door, according to the requirements of the glass door frame or frameless use with the door installation accessories such as a electric plug lock can only control one door, double glass door...
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  • Card Reader For Security Door Systems
    Card Reader For Security Door Systems
    Card reader for security door systems Product Application Specific designed for office, housing, security system and building's access . It not only can work by reading card or password but also can control electric lock and auto-door. Technical Parameter
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