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Remote Control EM Lock

Remote Control EM Lock

CHARACTER The whole design of the magnetic lock is simple and easy to install with a maximum pulling force of 80 kg. the circuit part uses the unique demagnetization circuit design to ensure the elimination of residual magnetism. Can directly access the door signal unlock. At the same time with automatic door multi-function expander (lock, access control, normally open, induction) four function conversion function. Detection signal output, the basis of the original automatic door function expander increased on the move to open the door of the function, use, simple and convenient installation. lock status signal output.

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255E  Remote control EM lock

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The magnetic type automatic door lock 80KG, suitable for all brands of automatic doors in STANLEY, gaiser, Matsushita, Sodom etc. at home and abroad, and has automatic door multi-function expander

(lock, access control, normally open, induction) four function conversion function, a dynamic open function increase based on the original function of automatic door the expansion device, use, simple and convenient installation.




Input voltage AC / DC: 12-24V

Suction: 80KG

Standby current:18mA

Action current:130mA





Dimension: 71* 65* 45 (mm) 

Suction piece: 60*32*10 (mm)

Lock holder:147* 65* 3 (mm)

Suction bracket: 116*68*38 (mm)



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Background technology:

At present, the market known building access security doors mostly use mechanical locks to open doors. The disadvantages of using mechanical locks to open doors are the large noise of closing doors, the difficulty of opening doors in time of fire or emergencies, and the poor anti-theft performance.

summary of the invention

In order to overcome the existing mechanical lock closed noise, fire or emergency is difficult to open the door, lack of anti-theft performance is not good, the utility model provides a magnetic lock, the magnetic lock closed small noise, fire or emergency can timely open the door, good anti-theft performance.

The technical proposal adopted by the utility model to solve its technical problems is a magnetic lock, which comprises a cathode body and an anode suction plate. The cathode body is equipped with an electromagnet which energized and generates strong magnetic force, and the size of the anode suction plate matches with the cathode body.

The anode suction plate is equipped with a fixed pin that can be fixed on the door.

There is a round hole in the middle part of the anode suction plate, a screw is installed in the round hole, and a screw cap is rotated on the screw.

The shape of the anode suction plate and the main body of the cathode are all rectangular.

The utility model has the beneficial effects, the main body of the cathode of the magnetic lock installed on the door frame, the anode plate is arranged in the suction trap door, automatic device is switched on when the door is closed, the electromagnetic coil is installed on the door frame on the body of the cathode in the electricity generated magnetic field gravitation, anode will corresponding is installed on the door the suction plate is sucked, the door firmly closed; when the door is opened, the power supply is disconnected, the body of the cathode magnetic field disappeared, loosen the suction plate, you can open the door. The magnetic lock can be set as switch unlocking or password unlocking or smart card unlocking or remote control unlocking. The lock uses 36 volts or less of the safety voltage, and it is safe to use. The battery can be supplied automatically when the power is cut off. The magnetic lock can be made of different grades according to the needs of the magnetic, or 10 or 50 kg or 100 kg or 280 kg or 500 kg or 700 kg, the magnetic lock has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance, convenient use, close the small noise, fire or emergency can timely open the door, good anti-theft performance.

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