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Electric Bolt Lock

Electric Bolt Lock

Electricity is a kind of electronic control lock, mortise lock on and off by current drive "lock tongue" of the function of the extended or retracted to lock the door or open the door.And, of course, the realization of the function of closed to open the door to cooperate with the "disk" to achieve.

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1.With access control system, can be installed in a variety of occasions on glass doors, wooden doors, iron doors, fire doors.
2.Power supply: DC12V Keep current: 110mA, Delay time: 0S, 6S, 9S Working current: 800mA 

3.Mounting hole size: 157 (long) *31 (wide) *40 (deep) Panel size: 205 (long) *34 (width) *3 (thick) mm
4.The structure design is exquisite and firm, and has very strong anti - impact. Ultra low temperature design, long service life. 4.The delay time is adjustable for 0-9 seconds.

Usually electricity mortise lock is composed of two main parts: the lock body and lock.Key in the lock body parts to "lock tongue", cooperate with "keyhole" can realize "shutdown" and "open" two state.The lock tongue insertion hole is closed, the lock tongue leave the lock for the door.Because of the lock tongue scalable functions, only is headed to the name of the "electric mortise lock".It was also because of this characteristic, electric mortise lock is often used to all kinds of flat open (two-way open).At the same time, the characteristics of the "hidden type" installation is suitable for the lock body places high confidentiality requirements.

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